I’m absolutely in love with my satin/golden pothos combo (spothos) combo.

Since they moved it together they’ve been getting on like a house on fire. They both have the same requirements when it comes to watering, light, humidity…everything!

Satin Pothos and Golden Pothos in One Pot

I went for a half and half look partly because I didn’t want to break up the golden pothos. You could mix them up a bit but, because the satin pothos has much smaller leaves the golden pothos might block the light to them. Seeing as they can handle low light the satin pothos should probably be fine but it might end up getting drowned out a little. Even when they’re planted next to each other you can see the golden pothos is already starting to overshadow the satin one.


To take care of your new combo just treat it exactly the way you would treat the plants individually. Make sure they’re getting bright indirect light – they will survive in low light but they’ll lose the variegation on their leaves and start to get leggy. With bright indirect light you’ll get a nice bushy plant with lovely full vines.


They like a fair amount of water but let it dry out a little between waterings. I let mine get dry a couple of centimetres down and then water really deeply from the top until the water runs out of the drainage holes. Because it’s quite full it can be tricky to water it without getting the leaves wet so I use a watering can without a spout and water it in the morning so if the leaves do end up getting wet they’ve got plenty of time to dry out before it gets cooler in the evenings.

Ultimately, it works, it looks amazing and I can’t wait until we’re all out of lockdown so I can get my (gloved) hands on a marble queen and neon to join the pothos family.

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