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Haworthia Cooperi Top View

Like most plant lovers it all started with one little plant, and since then, my flats taken on a very jungly appearance. Seeing as I love taking care of all of my little green friends I figured I’d share my successes and failures in the hopes of helping out anyone else trying to get to grips with a whole host of different plants with very different needs. Whether it’s succulents, houseplants, veg, indoor fruit trees or carnivorous plants, I’ve got a sprinkle of everything.

My favourite thing to do is experiment. Think that floating seeds are dead or that presoaking your seeds in all kinds of potions will make them sprout faster? I can’t resist testing out all these bits of wisdom to see if they’re fact or fiction. There’s plenty of advice out there for what works and what doesn’t but I’m fascinated by figuring out why.

This blog is is about my experience with plants and what I’ve found does and doesn’t work.

I hope you enjoy your time on my blog and if you’ve got any questions or comments or anything let me know and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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